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Bookclub Cheerleader
The Book Club Cheerleader uses her background in coaching and team dynamics to help put the ‘group’ back in book groups.
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Also known as Jessica Leigh Lebos, the Head Yenta is a wife, mother, writer, spoken word poet, West African dance teacher, community activist and amateur social scientist.
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Anya Achtenberg
Writing Story / Finding Poetry / Freeing Voice - Swimming through the ocean of language with Anya Achtenberg
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Sarah Aroeste
Sarah Aroeste is best known for her funky fusion of Spanish, Mediterranean and American musical styles. Inspired by her family's cultural heritage--orginally from Spain and later settling in Salonika, Greece-- the Aroeste sound combines and updates aspects from her unique family background.
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The International Women's Writing Guild
The International Women's Writing Guild, founded in 1976, is a network for the personal and professional empowerment of women through writing and open to all regardless of portfolio.
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Red Room
Red Room is the social media home and online bookstore for the literary world. Red Room connects best-selling authors with readers through blogs, events, podcasts and videos.
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Arizona Authors Association
Since 1978, the Arizona Authors Association serves as information and referral center for the community, helping and supporting our local authors statewide.
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Affordable modern website design.
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She Writes
She Writes is the premier destination for women writers, providing services and support for women at every stage of their writing lives.
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My Overstuffed Bookshelf
My Overstuffed Bookshelf is a book review blog offering reviews, giveaways, and other bookish things.
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About Marcia

In 2000 Marcia began to pursue her dream of writing. Having written two satires about the upscale Scottsdale crowd, she then took a different direction and completed two more books. The third, Paper Children, is a family saga based on her grandmother’s letters from her family in Poland before and after World War Two. Through translations and personal recollections Marcia has crafted a powerful immigrant’s story of determination and passion.


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Reader Testimonial

I just finished Paper Children and I have to say it is one of the best historical novels that I have ever read. Marcia has a unique talent for telling a story that captivates you from beginning to end. Next...The Blind Eye !!!
Julia Ford

Contact Information

You can reach Marcia Fine via email at or by using our contact form.

Or you can reach Marcia's associate using the email address below: