Love and Death in Rhodes


A devout woman faces challenges of forbidden love before WWII arrives on her island of paradise. Based on actual history and a true story, the lovely Luna learns the hardest lessons of life that change her destiny. Told in three parts the novella examines an idyllic island where an ancient community holds to traditions as the world shifts around them. It recalls the story Shabbatai Tzvi, a false prophet who visited in the 1600s and escaped a synagogue scandal with committed followers; and the story of Babatha, a wealthy owner of date farms who existed in biblical times and left behind, in a cave, the largest archive of letters ever found, Lessons of love and loss abound in contemporary time as well as in the past. It is a story of family loyalty, survival and endurance.






L’image Press (January 1, 2020)

Publication Date:

January 1, 2020

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