Paris Lamb


The suspicious death of an esteemed professor thrusts biblical archaeologist, Michael Saunders, to the forefront of a rare antiquities auction. Coupled with an academic meeting in New York, he is beckoned from a Paris vacation to authenticate the priceless artifacts known as God’s Gold. The objects, a candelabrum, silver trumpets and a sacrificial table, from Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem have traveled through the hands of barbarians and Vandals, to find their way into the Vatican for safe-keeping. Released onto the open market, world powers vie for the treasures. Impulsively, Michael returns with his Paris lamb to encounter the opposition. Michael’s stance that the objects are authentic sparks confrontations with other archaeologists as well as a sinister cabal of Chinese investors. In defense of his research, his anger compounds what he feels about a revealed family secret. At the auction his life changes forever. A robust, satisfying read with a captivating love story that journeys from Paris to the Ivy League, New York, Miami and beyond.




272 pages




L’Image Press, LLC

Editorial Reviews

Marcia Fine has done it again. Her stories are well-researched, suffused with just the right amount of conflict, and set in fascinating parts of the world to grasp a reader’s interest and hold it for the entire page-turning experience. Bravo to her for another great effort; I look forward to more from her prolific word processor.
— Arthur W. Wiggins

This fine author has delivered a well-researched novel that delves into archaeology and the art market as well as that ivory tower of academia, a furnace of jealousy, ambition, and cutthroat competition.
Virginia Nosky, Eric Hoffer finalist, Indie Silver medalist

Marcia Fine is known for her exacting historical research and the seamless way in which she weaves her incredible stories into a larger context. She has done it again with PARIS LAMB, but this book also has the fast-paced suspense and clever modern characters that make it appealing not only to historical fiction enthusiasts but also readers who enjoy a good mystery thriller. I could definitely see the two protagonists going on to other adventures in a series! The author has created characters that readers will want to revisit over and over. Great read!

Paris Lamb is an exciting and surprising adventure that rips across cultures, decades, and countries. It’s for people who love antiquities, people who love a mystery, people who love a romance, and people who love truth. Fine has written another captivating novel with such lush scenes and vivid characters that you feel you are in the room with them, and you’re salivating for a meal with some of that fragrant, fresh French bread. Even with the major issues resolved, at the end of the last chapter, you don’t want it to end. You have to know what happens to these characters! What other powerful adventures might they have? Here’s hoping Fine will further put her supreme writing skills to work, creating one or more sequels to this fantastically engaging book.
Kebba Buckley Button

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