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The greatest fear in America is public speaking…except for me! I love talking to audiences. It’s left over from teaching high school and college English classes. Not all authors like to speak. In fact, many are shy. I am an extrovert who’s disciplined enough to write. Yes, writing is a lonely sport. Except my characters keep me company!

From my early blog posts about Jean Rubin and her fancy friends, (Yes, there are erotic artists out there!) to the evolution of four Historical Fiction novels, I like to communicate with readers. My best stories come out when I speak. I’ve given talks in Arizona, Florida, California, Seattle, WA, NYC, Mexico City and Canada. I’ve been to libraries, luncheons and theaters. I always have Power point presentations. Visuals enhance speakers!


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HIDDEN ONES—A Veil of Memories is the seventh novel by award-winning author Marcia Fine. She educates about the role of the Inquisition in the New World during the 17th century with slides of an auto-de-fe in Mexico, an actual inquisitor and development of characters. The novel is based on an actual Inquisition case. This has been successful as a “Mexican Fiesta.”

Why Family History Matters

PAPER CHILDREN—An Immigrant’s Legacy novelizes personal family history based on letters from the author’s grandmother’s family trapped in Poland during WWII. The novel includes photos of the actual people. She inspires others to share what they know about previous generations in a lively, interactive talk. Fine displays artifacts of the time. This has been the topic of seminars and has an excellent hand-out.

PARIS LAMB examines a relationship between a son and a mother with a burning secret during the 1950s. The multimedia presentation highlights the settings of the book including Miami, Paris and Israel. It is an ideal accompaniment for a French themed event about art, archaeology, and anti-Semitism. Fund raisers with this topic are an event!

Satire Keeps Me Sane

Social observer Fine created a series about Scottsdale, Arizona. She shares her quick wit about daily living while caring for elderly parents, babysitting for grandchildren, listening to nutty friends and surviving technology. With humor and aplomb she inspires her audiences to be amused by not taking life too seriously. Plus, laughter keeps us healthy!

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