What Is a TIA Talk?

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I travel to many places to share what I love: information! I’m a school teacher at heart because I wanted to be one since I was six years old when I lined up chairs in my garage and stood at the front near the washing machine! Eventually, I taught high school English in three different places as well as freshman composition at ASU for two years. Everything I have done in my life has led me to this moment. From teaching (no fear of speaking if you address classes everyday!), to opening my own school in the 80s (an educating experience!), to my love of books and reading (I’m never without one—in line, waiting for an appointment and relaxing), this career of Author/Speaker is my home.


My TIA Talks reveal my purpose for doing what I do. A tía is aunt in Spanish. We all have a favorite auntie in our lives. I use a positive role model for my message.

“T” stands for TOLERANCE. I want to teach us to be more tolerant of those who are different, who may not look or speak like us and to reach out with kindness. “I” stands for IDENTITY. We’re learning more about who we really are from DNA results, family histories, the science of epigenetics and more. I speak often to genealogy groups who want to know about their Iberian Coast or Sephardic past. Finally, “A” reminds us of ACCEPTANCE. The more we welcome and accept others and our situations that cannot be resolved, the happier we will be. We need to be reminded that accepting what we cannot change will release us.

These are the reasons I travel the world to research topics, meet interesting people with amazing stories and love what I do!

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  • Julia A Ford

    Hidden Ones is a well written book that opened my eyes to a part of history that I had no idea about. Learning about the Spanish Inquisition and Sephardic Judaism was fascinating. Marcia’s slogan “Historical Fiction That Matters” is so true with this book!

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